As humans we were designed to feel emotion, care for each other, teach and learn from each other and be part of a mission or movement. We see this need across social media where people are eager to connect with others around the world for a cause close to their heart. Yet, there is something missing—the human connection. While many try to replicate it online, a face-to-face interaction cannot be emulated by any form of technology.

In a world full of connectivity, a time where we are more wired to each other than ever, we are experiencing a paradox where we’ve lost our ability to truly connect with each other. However, In recent times, we have seen the power of unity in our culture like when we pulled together as a nation after 9/11. Since then our focus has shifted from unity to division. Our communities are no longer communities. We are just a bunch people living in the same zip code. Isolation is the biggest threat to our ability to be healthy, whole and live a life of purpose and impact. Isolation is a death sentence to a community and it’s next generation—whether it takes their lives physically, emotionally, mentally or their hopes and dreams.


Grow community cafe and center is a gathering place for people to connect, fall in love with life again and give back to the community. It’s for the community, by the community. It is the golden thread that weaves the individuals of a community together to find their awesome and live life monumentally. It exists to transform lives no matter what stage of life they’re in. Transform a life, transform a community. Grow enhances the overall community by supporting and elevating local businesses and resources. 


Everyone in the community. Grow’s services and programs have been designed to support members in the community dealing with challenges and to provide preventative experiences and skills to develop self-esteem, emotional stability and purpose in children, teens, parents, couples, men, women, twenty-somethings, grandparents and beyond.


Grow is a non-profit community center and cafe open 7-days a week, available to anyone in the community no matter their financial status. It is a “pay as you can afford and more” (PAYCA) model. This allows everyone in the community to benefit from the services. It welcomes those who are in challenging times to receive from the community with dignity so they can overcome their circumstances and eventually pour back into the community. It empowers those who are more financially stable to invest in the community they love and to be intimately involved in the growth and healing of their community—not just write a check—although checks are welcome too.  

Grow is an extension of people’s homes, drawing them out of the four isolating walls of their individual dwellings. With a residential design and feel, people gather in grow’s various rooms based on their needs and desires:

    • The Great Room—the heart and soul of any home, this is a place where people gather to share a meal, catch-up and play. The open plan kitchen allows people to learn from cooks and chefs preparing functional farm-to-table meals supporting healthy bodies and healthy minds. Whether they eat-in or take meals to go, people experience the benefits of functional food helping their bodies recover from mental instability, chronic illness, pain, and dysfunction. The family room setting is full of community dining tables, couches and comfy chairs making people feel at home and inspiring moments of laughter, connectivity, vulnerability, healing and inspiration. 
    • The Man Cave—the home of the Braveheart Men’s Club where men hang, escape and sharpen the warrior within. Designed like every man’s dream sports bar basement, men get together to watch sports, play sports and bond. Man-to-man or man-to-young man, it’s an environment to conduct business, mentor, shoot the you know what and recharge so they win the war for those they care about and fight to protect.
    • Ladie’s Lounge—situated in the yoga room, this is a place where women gather in their yoga pants for healthy girl talk, support groups and education over yoga stretching in a warm (literally), emotionally safe environment. This is a place where teen girls, moms, wives, career women, single ladies and grandmas come to share, learn and increase their emotional stability so they have more joy, more peace and more to offer those who depend on them. 
    • The Study—the grow education hub. This is the home of grow academy (a program to empower our youth with marketable skills), healthy lifestyle education, life purpose discovery and much more. 
    • The Playroom—a place where kids can be kids and be loved unconditionally by those who have a passion for helping kids laugh, create, explore and thrive. Parents enjoy their learning and growth while their kids play and socially connect in a safe, healthy environment.


Grow’s programs and services are organically developed based on the needs and available resources of the local community. Below is an outline of programs and services designed for the Parker, Colorado community. Some programs are targeted at specific age groups and genders and some are all-inclusive of age groups and genders. It’s very important that grow brings people, families, couples, individuals together—not divide them into too many groups. Specific age or gender programs are only created when a safe, relevant environment is critical for learning, healing and growing. Some programs are classes while others are mentorship and peer-groups led by community members seasoned in that particular area. In areas where grow is not licensed or qualified, we refer to licensed professionals. 


Healthy Lifestyles: Physically and Emotionally

This program of classes and interactive experiences explores the benefits of functional food, emotional health and physical activity. The program reveals how all of these areas contribute to our physical health, brain performance, creativity, energy, longevity, happiness and life purpose. A sampling of the classes and experiences include:

Physical Health

    • Eating with Purpose: The Benefits of Functional Food
    • Food as Medicine Everyday
    • Eating for Results Series
      • Autism and Other Sensory Symptoms
      • Emotional and Mental Stability
      • Chronic Disease (diabetes, inflammatory diseases, etc)
      • Energy and Creativity
      • Youth and Longevity
    • Discover The Truth About Cancer Series: Prevention and Recovery
    • The Exponential Benefits of Slowing Down Your Chewing, Your Life
    • Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life
    • Cooking Events
      • Fun and Functional Food Cooking Classes
      • Guest Chef Cooking Classes
      • Parker’s Got Talent Cook-Off
      • What’s for Dinner Cooking Demos
    • Move Your Body
      • Boxing, Dancing, Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Metabolic and HITT Training, etc.
      • Outdoor Excursions
      • Less is More: An Abbreviated, Result Oriented Approach to Exercise

Emotional Health

    • Is Your Ambition Killing You?
    • What if You Could Live in a Stress-Free Zone?
    • Do You Ever Feel Like a Laid out Gumby?
    • Be Your Own Chief Joy Officer
    • The Slow Killer of Joy
    • Uprooting Bitterness
    • Redemptive Love
    • The Secret to Fulfilling Your Love Void
    • Be Authentic
    • Rejection Sucks but it Doesn’t Define Your Worth
    • Don’t Let Condemnation Kill Your Joy
    • Are You Addicted to the Attention of Others?
    • Shake it Off!
    • Are You a Control Freak?
    • How to Break Addictions
    • Why Can’t I Get Motivated?
    • Nothing Makes Me Happy
    • 3 Ways to Beat Difficult Circumstances
    • Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
    • Deflating Emotional Overwhelm
    • Conquering Bullying
    • Financial Stress Series
      • Digging Out of Debt
      • Overcoming a Lack Mentality
      • Discovering You Have More than Enough

The Gender War and Relationships

Let’s be honest, sometimes we all wish the other gender didn’t exist because we are so vastly different, but the truth is we can’t live without each other. So let’s call a spade a spade and figure out how to embrace each other’s differences and see the good no matter what type of opposite gender relationship we are in. A sampling of the classes include:

    • Is the Gender War Worth it?
    • Lose the Battle Win the War
    • How to Dissolve Manipulation: The Silent Killer of Relationships
    • How to Love Selflessly in a Selfish World
    • Experiencing True Love
    • Give the Gift of Patience
    • Help! Someone I Love is Sick 
    • How to Deal with Difficult People

Finding Your Awesome and Living Monumentally 

We’ve all heard the words, do what you’re passionate about! We agree 100% with this wisdom and encourage everyone to find their awesome. For some people they know their awesome from a young age. For others, its more of a life puzzle with some pieces in place and others yet to be discovered. This series is for both types of purpose seekers. For those who know their purpose, we connect them with leaders and influencers in that field to help them develop knowledge, relationships and skills in their chosen profession. For those still in the puzzle piece phase, we have classes and mentors to help them discover their life purpose by empowering them to develop a variety of skills, explore various opportunities and talk to different mentors and business people. A sampling of the programs include:

    • The Futures of America Mentorship Program
      • Pilots, Firefighters, Police Officers, Civil Servants, Public Leaders, Freedom Fighters (Military), Engineers, Astronauts, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Filmmakers, Entertainers, etc.
    • Paralyzed by Fear Series
      • Overcoming the Fear of Success
      • Overcoming the Fear of Failure
      • Overcoming the Fear of Rejection
    • There’s Something Beautiful Inside of You
    • Leaving a Legacy
    • Your Capability Could Be Your Biggest Enemy to Success
    • You Don’t Have to Know All of the Pieces to Succeed
    • You’re Never too Broken to Have Purpose
    • What if Failing is Simply Not Getting the Results You Want When You Want
    • Do the Right Thing
    • Don’t Let Your Light Burn Out, Take a Dream-Cation
    • How to Activate the Snowball of Success
    • The Solution for Leadership Block
    • How to Determine Your Future
    • Do the Thing You Hate to Do the Thing You Love
    • 51% Positive Thinking Is All You Need to Succeed
    • Creative Writing Workshops
    • Art Classes
    • Working with Your Hands Series
      • Art classes
      • Modeling
    • Entrepreneurial Development Series
      • Starting your own business
      • Growing your business


Grow’s Farm-to-Table Cafe is designed to:

  • bring people together over a healthy meal
  • re-train tastebuds to crave tasty, functional food
  • improve health through healing food
  • empower people to eat healthy at home

The cafe offers eat-in meals along with meals-to-go. The cafe also has a full-service kitchen for cooking demos and classes. Food for the cafe will be locally sourced when possible to support local business in the community.


We provide “pay as you can afford and more” (PAYCA) childcare to: 

    • Serve the community
    • Positively influence the next generation
    • Support parents in grow program and services participation

Childcare is available during grow’s open hours. Parents can leave their kids for up to 3 hours. The childcare team is dedicated to providing a safe, loving and joyful environment for the next generation to play, explore and thrive. 


Grow also provides social events like movie nights, sports viewing events, book clubs, etc. based on the requests of the community. Some of the gathering spaces will also be available to use per the donation model for organizations and business in the community. 


We all do! Grow is funded and supported by the local community. From the beginning of time, communities have shared resources to help their community thrive in good and bad times. Some people have money, some people have knowledge and others have physical resources. Each of these are equally important. Therefore, every person has something to give which means were all qualified to insure grow thrives and transforms the community from the inside out.  

The “pay as you can afford and more” (PAYCA) model is quickly growing across our nation with companies like Panera Bread adopting the model for their community outreach cafes. Many Americans are concerned about the direction of our country and our communities. They’re looking for ways they can personally make a positive impact and change the direction of our country for the good. Grow fulfills this burning need. Many successful people rich in resources have already expressed a commitment to making grow thrive locally and nationally. 

If you would like to contribute to grow, click here.

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