Board of Directors

Amber Raleigh, Founder

Often described as a contrarian—driven yet restful; bold yet compassionate; a leader and a follower; wise yet hungry for knowledge; loyal and an opportunist; a disruptor and a peace keeper—Amber loves helping people kick tail in life!

What qualifies her to do so? She was in the top 5% income earners in the US and purchased her dream home before she was 30 and then became homeless, about lost everything and was down to $6 in her bank account. Her 20+ years of business and marketing experience and an unfailing belief that success is possible in all areas of life rebounded her from what looked like the end. She used to run from God and now she runs to God. She is a walking testimony that no matter your life circumstances (she’s about seen them all), you can’t fail. Through Grow she is helping people realize they are not broken, can overcome any situation and enjoy life.

Getahew Tadesse

Getachew was born in a rural part of Ethiopia. He lost both of his parents at age 16 years old. Due to the tragedy, he was forced to drop out of 11th grade to support his two younger brothers. When he turned 20, he accepted Christ and became a full-time minister by age 23. In 2005, he finished his first bachelor of arts degree in biblical theology. Pastor G ministered in Ethiopian churches for 16 years. He then came to America in 2007 and married his wife Rahel. Even though he was raising his family in Parker, he traveled back and forth to Ethiopian to minister for 3+ years on behalf of Freedom Ministries. While ministering Pastor G completed his master of arts in apologetics, and is currently working on getting his master of arts in intercultural studies. Pastor G’s gift to the community is his wisdom, compassion and selflessness.  If you can’t pronounce his name like most of us, you can just call him G. 

Rahel Girma

Rahel moved to America from Ethiopia when she was 15 to attend a boarding school in Kentucky. Away from all of her friends, family and everything familiar and comfortable, Rahel had to create a new life including learning English, of which she didn’t know one word. This life changing experience shaped Rahel’s overcomer attitude because she learned that any hard situation can not only be conquered, but result in a successful outcome; she ended up graduating fourth in her class and being a lead athlete in many sports she never played before coming to America.

In spite of Rahel’s victory over her “coming to America” challenges, she still struggled with some emotional scars that some days seemed unsurmountable. Growing up without the emotional love of her parents resulted in a low self-esteem and a perpetual feeling of brokenness. Everything changed when she had a personal encounter with the overwhelming, unconditional love of God. Her pain dissolved and she became the very embodiment of God’s loves. When you interact with Rahel, she makes you feel like you are the only person in the world that matters. She speaks life into you and embraces you with a hug that melts any problem away.

Rahel is passionate about helping people through any stressful situation. As a mental health counselor at Children’s Hospital, she does this every week by encouraging and nurturing youth that have been told they are worthless and have turned to self-destruction. She has repeatedly witnessed the power of speaking life and words of hope into the hopeless.

Rahel and her husband, Getachew, live in Parker, Colorado with their two young children.

Evelyn Halpin

Growing up in poverty in Newark, New Jersey, Evelyn learned early on that it was going to take a focused effort to rise up and get out of the “hood”.  Thankfully she had a dedicated, faith-filled mother and two older brothers to set the example of how to overcome her circumstances.

After receiving her degree in marketing, Evelyn succeeded in a promising career in the Los Angeles advertising scene, working with clients such as Toyota, Dole Foods, Mitsubishi and Yamaha.  This is where she met her TV producer husband; they fell in love like a Hollywood movie.  Now they live in Colorado with their two sons and her mom. Evelyn loves to cook and is an inspiring chef, and enjoys playing the drums (yea, she’s one of those rocker chicks).

Don’t let Evelyn’s no nonsense, get it done attitude fool you.  As a Holistic Nutrition Educator and Counselor, she’s known for putting her family first and helping clients and students in all aspects, teaching them to live better lives, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  When it comes to holistic health and pushing through the hard days, Evelyn is the real deal. 

She practices what she preaches.  With her passion and interest in holistic wellness, Evelyn has overcome chronic illness, which practically debilitated her for many years.  Evelyn says, “God was in the midst of my transformation and continues to direct my path”.

“My passion for wellness emerged out of my desire to help my family thrive in whole health”, says Evelyn.  The conventional medical establishment left her dissatisfied and had no real answers for her.  This led her to return to college a second time to earn a Master’s Degree in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition.  With her life experiences and education, you can expect sound wellness advice in all areas of your life.

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Elizabeth enjoys strategic & visionary leadership, entrepreneurship, education & creating opportunities for change.  She holds an undergraduate degree from Purdue University and is working on two masters degrees to add to a future law degree where she envisions working at high levels of public policy, maybe even the UN.  She is passionate about inmates at the state level (DOC) and creating opportunities for them by reintroducing secondary education in all state facilities. She is most proud of her two amazing daughters Katarina & Nicolette who are living beautiful, fulfilled lives!

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